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Hello, world! Welcome to my site. I am Kyle Bavender, a web developer, designer, & tinkerer. By trade I make Interwebs.

While this site is currently a pretty humble little blog, it is the product of an epic struggle lasting nearly seven years.

The primary goal for this site is to¬†write out what I¬†am learning, working on, and working through. That’s pretty broad, but it‚Äôs where I am starting. And while¬†I do intend to put up a fair amount of technical & web-crafting content, I really do just want to have a place for writing.

I built this site in two weekends (for the most part), using the web technology I know best. Quick and familiar. And may this purpose become a promise: in this place I will write and share, with regularity and length and struggle and patience, both the refined work and the unfinished thought. Far too often have my thoughts & ideas been abandoned to the sketchbook or entry.

So, I invite you to come along, read, respond, encourage, critique, & challenge. Welcome.

If you’d like to read more about who I am and what I do, start on the About page.