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My place for writing about life, family, music, movies, games, web design & development, faith, and more.

Problems with Looping Over querySelectorAll NodeLists in IE11

First, a few disclaimers: I am a Javascript newbie. I will be pointing out an error in a recent article on, which I owe a debt of gratitude to for years of excellent tips, instruction, and best practices. This error relates to a problem that I have struggled to wrap my head around over […]

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Returning to Writing

In which I talk about my writing history, why I stopped, why I’m resuming, and what I plan to be writing. Thinking-out-loud and pumping-myself-up abound. Somewhere between a treatise and a charter. Thrilling, right? 😏

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Hello, world! Welcome to my site. I am Kyle Bavender, a web developer, designer, & tinkerer. By trade I make Interwebs. While this site is currently a pretty humble little blog, it is the product of an epic struggle lasting nearly seven years.

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