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About Kyle Bavender

Hey. I’m Kyle.

I’m a front-end web developer & UI designer from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Front-end Web Design & Development

I bring designs & user interfaces to life through markup, styling, & scripting with Studio Science. I work alongside our designers to implement their work with precision, while extending and enhancing their designs with tasteful motion, animation, & effects. At the same time, I work alongside our developers, building page templates and reusable components while also building our own internal front-end framework.

I enjoy keeping up with the latest standards & techniques, and plan to use this site & blog to write, among other topics, articles and tutorials related to building the web. Learning more about the web is fun, but helping/teaching others is my real interest — I like running Lunch & Learns to help create environments where our skills & knowledge can sharpen each other, and I always tell people that my favorite moments at work are when someone asks for help learning something or debugging a layout problem. 🔹đŸ’Ș

Most work days I’m knee deep in layers (and layer masks, and blends modes, and subpixels galore) of designs while draped in markup, styling, and scripting code. Tools come and go, but recently I have some combination of Sublime Text, Sketch, iTerm, Chrome / Chrome Dev Tools, and Adobe Creative Suite (mostly Photoshop, sometimes Illustrator) open.

Home, Family, & Personal Life

Home for me is Indiana: I grew up in a small town — Hagerstown, Indiana — and moved in the high school years to Greenfield, Indiana. I learned about Graphic & Web Design (and more importantly: learned how to learn) at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. And I’ve lived in Indianapolis, Indiana since university. At the same time, though, I love to travel, whether it’s international or across the spectrum of landscapes & people in the States or off-the-beaten-path exploration around the Hoosier State.

Oh, yes. Sweet Indiana. (This photo was taken near Red River Gorge in Kentucky… I’m talking about the t-shirt!)

In November of 2015 I married my wife at the church we attend, Redeemer Presbyterian Church. We’re still navigating the challenges of merging two lives together, but it’s been a blast so far. When we’re not planning our next travel or camping trip, we’re hosting friends at our place for dinners & conversation.

Within the last few years I have…

  • Run my first 5K
  • Crossed a few bands off my bucket list
  • Traveled to California for the first time, seeing Yosemite and Sequoia National Forest
  • Hiked half of Indiana’s state parks, and the Red River Gorge in Kentucky several times
  • Started roasting coffee with my wife

I am a big fan of Star Wars (movies, only a few of the books) and The Lord of the Rings (books, most aspects of the movies), and The Hobbit (the book, what movies…?😅). I love warm summers and reuniting with old friends and board game brunches and books with living, breathing worlds & characters.

If you’d like to reach me, hit me up on Twitter. See you around! 🌊 đŸ€™đŸ»